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Building/Zoning Permits


Zoning Ordinance – Updated 5-8-19

David City Subdivision Regulations – Updated 5-8-19

When to call – Stages of Construction

Frequently Asked Questions on Buildings

Building Permit Applications are required for building alterations or changes.

Building Permits are required for any new construction which includes: garages, buildings, sheds, additions, new sidewalks or driveways. A fee is charged based on the project. Inquire at the City Office before you begin your project. A permit is required prior to beginning the project.

Demolition Permits – Can be obtained at the City Office during normal business hours. All work will be done in accordance with the David City Municipal Code and approval by the Zoning/Building Inspector and the Water/Sewer Supervisor. Sewer and water lines must be abandoned at the main and inspected before a Demolition permit will be issued; Electric and gas companies must be contacted and services must be disconnected before commencing any demolition work; State and/or federal agencies must be contacted regarding any asbestos removal.

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