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Housing Mission

The Mission of the City of David City is to assist, rehabilitate and develop decent, safe and sanitary quality affordable housing in a manner that promotes equal opportunity and fair housing. In accomplishing this goal, David City is committed to maintaining affordable housing programs that can meet the needs of low- to moderate-income households in the long term and serve as viable community resources promoting economic independence and self-sufficiency for its residents.

The City of David City is committed to providing housing assistance programs that encourage, support and empower individuals and families to become more independent through recognition of personal responsibility and healthy behaviors while reducing social problems by providing services of value to taxpayers and strengthen the quality of life for residents of David City.

The City of David City, either in-house or through a network of regional, state and/or federal partnerships, provides downpayment assistance and owner occupied housing rehabilitation to those individuals or families that meet local, state and federal guidelines.

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