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  • Welcome to David City

Welcome to David City

Mission Statement:

To enhance the vibrant community of David City by providing a tremendous quality of life defined by outstanding educational and employment opportunities for all citizens through provisions of quality, cost effective governmental services that include infrastructure, utilities, and affordable housing.

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Please sign up for emergency notifications for the City of David City using IRIS (Immediate Response Information System) using the attached link. This will enable us to notify you of water main breaks, electric outages, etc. Click on the red “IRIS” below to sign up!


January 2017 EnergyWiseSM Tip: Space Heaters
Can you really save up to 50 percent on your heating bill by using a special space heater? Some advertisers would like you to believe so. When seeing their ads, initially you may think, “Wow! I spent a lot of money keeping warm last winter! I can cut that amount in half!”

Then, you see the special offer price. Originally $499.95, you can order now for $299.00!!! You are convinced you will easily save that much in one winter. This is an incredible deal! Or is it?

The reality is that all electric space heaters provide 100% efficient electric heat regardless of what you paid for them. To achieve savings, you will need to lower your whole house thermostat at least 5 degrees when using the heater so you are only heating the room you are in and not the whole house. If you already have a heat pump or high-efficiency furnace, it may be difficult to achieve significant savings through this approach.

Many of the testimonials of savings are from people that set the main thermostat in their house to as low as 50 degrees and move the space heater to the single room they are occupying at the time. In doing so, their savings do not come from operating the space heater, but rather from not heating the rest of the house. Unfortunately, most people do not realize this. If you do not lower your main thermostat, you could actually spend more heating your home while using your electric space heater!

Remember, few homeowners achieve the maximum savings heater manufacturers claim they can. After one heating season, homeowners are often disappointed they did not save more and are frustrated that they paid a lot of money for a heater that performed the same as one they could have purchased for under $100.

If you are shopping for an electric space heater, remember the following. Some electric heater manufacturers claim that their units are more efficient than their competitor’s models. These claims are simply not true. Why? Because all resistance-based electric heaters are 100% efficient at converting electricity to heat. The cheapest unit creates heat just as efficiently as the most expensive one and in the same way.

A portable heater can improve comfort in hard-to-heat areas, but using one does not guarantee you will save in heating costs. Note that most homeowners can achieve greater savings from money spent on insulation, weather stripping, servicing your heating and cooling equipment, changing filters, installing LED lamps, using programmable thermostats, purchasing ENERGY STAR® appliances or setting back the temperature setting on your thermostat when they are not at home.

Whereas central heat pump systems are more efficient, electric space heaters offer safety and convenience above other types of portable space heating.

If you use a space heater, it is important to be sure that it has labeling indicating that it has passed Underwriters Laboratories (UL –listed) approval. It should have an upright safety switch, which shuts the unit off if it gets tipped over.

Your local utility and Nebraska Public Power District wish you and your family a cozy and warm winter season. Part of our commitment to providing you outstanding customer service includes helping you make the most of the energy you use throughout the year. For more ideas on how you can make your home or business EnergyWiseSM, contact your local utility or visit

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